Moreld Aqua

Moreld aqua is a service, product and technology provider for the Aquaculture industry that support operators in applying new production technologies and reduce their environmental footprint

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Moreld Aqua is a company within Moreld which is established to further develop and offer Moreld’s in-house capabilities and products to the aquaculture industry.


Global Maritime Aqua Design Innovative and flexible modular solution for fish farming in exposed areas. The design, with patented solutions developed by Global Maritime, is allowing the industry to reach new production areas not currently available by use of existing technology.

Hybrid battery solution and SCADA+: Modern technology can help to improve energy efficiency, productivity, quality and safety of aquaculture production. Moreld Aqua provides future-oriented solutions to help our customers reach both their financial and emission targets. We offer tailored hybrid battery solutions and SCADA systems (including Energy management systems) to support our customers in their operations.

Land based facility services: We have deep expertise in improving operations of industrial assets including land based aquaculture facilities by delivering maintenance and process safety services. We believe that increased attention to maintenance and process safety services can save operators of land based facilities for considerable direct and reputational costs.

Consultancy and engineering: As a part of a leading industrial group within the marine and offshore energy industries Moreld Aqua offers expert engineering services within a range of disciplines.

• Project management
• Advisory on new rules and regulations
• Fish Farm Concept & Design
• Location analysis
• System integration
• Construction follow-up

Cage Farming
• Project management
• Technical/financial feasibility evaluation of energy systems
• Feasibility studies for SCADA
• Sustainability assessment
• Hybridization systems and electrical installations

Land Based
• Project management
• Maintenance and optimalization studies
• Process safety
• Risk management and compliance
• Feasibility studies for SCADA
• Hybridization systems and electrical installations

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