Moreld Aqua

Moreld Aqua is a service, product and technology provider for the Aquaculture Industry with focus on new technologic solutions for sustainable solutions


Moreld Aqua is a company within moreld which is established to further develop and offer Moreld’s in-house capabilities and products to the aquaculture industry.


Global Maritime Aqua Design Innovative and flexible modular solution for fish farming in exposed areas. The design, with patented solutions developed by Global Maritime, is allowing the industry to reach new production areas not currently available by use of existing technology.

RAS Technology Aluminium tanks with RAS technologyproviding prefabricated units delivered fully assembled to the construction site. This allows for efficient production and parallel construction activities together with easier operation and maintenance. The unit comes with ground breaking new RAS technology on water treatment and monitoring.

Consultancy and Engineering

• Project management
• Advisory on new rules and regulations
• Fish Farm Concept & Design
• Location analysis
• System integration
• Construction follow-up

Cage Farming
• Project management
• Technical/financial feasibility evaluation of energy systems
• Feasibility studies for SCADA
• Sustainability assessment
• Hybridization systems and electrical installations

Land Based
• Project management
• Maintenance and optimalization studies
• Process safety
• Risk management and compliance
• Feasibility studies for SCADA
• Hybridization systems and electrical installations

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