A constant drive
to innovate, time
after time.

We create value by supporting our customers in the transition towards a sustainable future.

Pushing forward.
Every minute of
the day.

creating a sustainable future


Renewable energy projects whether they be in offshore wind, hydropower or solar are a prerequisite for a sustainable energy supply. Moreld has participated in 224 renewable energy projects as per December 2022.

enabling the energy transition

188 962

We have helped our customers reduce their carbon footprint by 188 962 tonnes through hybridization, electrification, and energy efficiency solutions.

our own carbon footprint

2 701

At Moreld, we practice what we preach. Our own carbon footprint for Scope 1 and 2 was 2 701 tonnes in 2021, a reduction of 17% from 2020 and 26% from 2019.

Always on.
Connecting expertise
and knowledge.

We reapply existing competence and expertise from the offshore sector to develop new, sustainable businesses, helping to enable the energy transition.