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A team of professionals.

Moreld is managed by a team of professionals with extensive experience operating in the energy service sector.

Where experience
meets innovation.

The group’s history in working across all energy segments has cultivated a deep knowledge in entering new markets, transforming in existing markets, and developing long-term strategies geared toward the inevitable energy transition.


Geir Austigard

Chief Executive Officer
Geir Austigard previously held the position as CEO at Øglænd System Group.
He brings with him 20 years of experience from Øglænd; a multinational industrial group where he held various management positions before becoming CEO in 2008. Prior to Øglænd System Group, Geir worked as a petroleum engineer with Shell for seven years. He holds an MSc in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Stavanger in Norway.

Hans Jakob Hegge

Chief Financial Officer
Hans Jakob Hegge previously held the position as Chief Financial Officer and US Country Manager at Equinor
He brings with him over 24 years of experience from the oil & gas industry, with 19 years in senior management positions in Statoil and Equinor. Hans Jakob has gained extensive leadership experience from large complex organizations within the upstream business and supply services to operational activities on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Prior to Equinor, he has experience as Senior Consultant at Deloitte Consulting. Hans Jakob has a M.Sc in Economics and business administration from the Norwegian School of Economics

Karsten Gudmundset

EVP Engineering & Ocean
Karsten Gudmundset is the Managing Director of Moreld Apply.
He started as CEO for Apply in September 2016. With degrees from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and business, he moved from Trondheim to the region of Stavanger nearly 30 years ago when starting his career as an engineer in Kværner Rosenberg. Before taking over the position as CEO in APPLY, Karsten was part of the group management in the German Kaefer Group where he held the position as Managing Director for 8 years. Karsten has extensive experience from a number of management positions in Kvaerner and Aker Kvaerner companies, both in Norway and internationally.

Arne Hammer

EVP Life-Cycle
Arne Hammer is the Managing Director of Moreld Karsten Moholt.
Arne is an experienced CEO and Production Director with a demonstrated history of working in the oil & energy industry. Bachelor of Science focused in Elektro from Høgskolen i Bergen.

Jørgen Jørgensen

EVP Energy Solutions
Jørgen Jørgensen is the Managing Director of Moreld Ross Offshore.
Jørgen has has technical background within production, and has been a part of the leader team in Ross Offshore since 2006 and CEO since 2014. He graduated from NTNU in 2000 with a M.Sc. in Petroleum Technology.

Jan Erik Rugland

EVP Technical Solutions
Jan Erik Rugland previously held the position as Senior Partner at HitecVision.
He brings with him over 25 years of industry experience, including Vice President Operations and other leadership roles at NOV and Hitec. Jan Erik holds an MSc in Quality Management from the University of Stirling in Scotland and a BSc in Management Science from the University of Manchester (UMIST) in England.

Andreas Marø

EVP Business Development
Andreas Marø previously held the position as Investment Director at HitecVision, where he was part of the investment team since 2011.
In addition he has spent two years working in management consulting at Arkwright. Andreas brings with him over 10 years’ experience from the energy industry in the intersection of investments, strategy and operations. He has an MBA from Cornell University in the USA, and a BSc In Business and Economics from the Norwegian School of Management in Norway.

Casper Corneliussen

Group Accounting Manager
Casper Corneliussen is a state authorized public accountant with 12 years’ experience. Most recently as chief accountant at Lyse and senior manager at KPMG.
Casper also has extensive experience with Group reporting and project management from working with global energy companies and coordinating international teams, both in advisory and group auditor capacity. IFRS, NGAAP and USGAAS certified/accredited. He has a MSc. in Auditing and Accounting from the Norwegian School of Economics.

Margrete H. Adamsson

HR and Administrative Manager
Margrete Høgberg Adamsson previously held the position as HR Manager and Administrative Leader at PwC.
She was part of the PwC Rogaland management team from 2013-2019. In addition, Margrete has over 15 years of managerial experience from HR, operations, and in-house sales from the Radisson Hotel group. She holds a degree in language, management and economics from the University in Bergen and Stavanger College.

Siri Ravndal

Head of Corporate Treasury
Siri Ravndal previously held the position as CFO for Flux Group and before that she was the CFO for Teknisk Bureau, both companies within the Moreld Group.
She has over 7 years of experience from the CFO function and holds a BSc in Business and Economics from Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences and Odisee University of Applied Sciences, Brussels

board of

Morten Grongstad

Chairman of the board
Morten Grongstad was the Chief Executive Officer for AF Gruppen from 2015-2020.
Before entering this position, he was the Executive Vice President for Property and Building for 3 years. Previous to AF Gruppen, Mr. Grongstad was CEO of Fornebu Utvikling, and also has experience from Orkla Eiendom and McKinsey. Mr Grongstad has an MSc in Economics from BI Norwegian Business School.

Atle Eide

Atle Eide currently holds the position as Industry Partner in HitecVision and as Senior Partner in Kverva.
Before joining HitecVision as a Senior Partner in 2008, Mr. Eide had over 20 years of industrial experience as CEO in Skretting, Hydro Seafood, Kverneland and MOWI. In addition, Mr. Eide currently holds the position as Chairman in SalMar, Salmar Ocean and Saga Rocotics.

Marit Grimsbo

Marit Grimsbo currently holds the position as SVP Strategy and Communication at Statkraft.
Before joining Statkraft, she was Partner in McKinsey for 17 years and also has experience as board member in Aleris Sweden and Agder Energi. Ms. Grimsbo holds a MSc in Industrial Economics and Technology Management from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

Jone Skaara

Jone Skaara currently holds the position as a Senior Partner at HitecVision.
Mr. Skaara served as CFO in HitecVision from 2003 to 2005 and rejoined the company in 2014 as a Senior Partner. He previously held the position as Director, Corporate Finance with Swedbank AS in Stavanger, Norway and its predecessor First Securities. Mr. Skaara also has experience as CEO & CFO of Odim Hitec for two years. He started his career with ABB in Switzerland. Mr. Skaara holds an MBA from the University of Colorado.

Ola Sætre

Ola Sætre has 35 years of experience from the petroleum industry and is a co-founder of HitecVision and its predecessor Hitec.
Mr. Sætre was Executive Vice President at Hitec and has previously held executive-level positions in corporate management, marketing, operations, manufacturing, and project management. Mr. Sætre is a qualified engineer and has an extensive industry network and a deep industry knowledge.

Lise Matre Wulff

Lise Matre Wulff currently holds the position as Business Development Director at Elkem Silicon Products in Elkem ASA.
She brings experience from an international environment and have held various positions in Elkem, mainly focusing on business development, strategy, M&A, marketing, and sustainability. Previous to Elkem, she has spent three years working in management consulting at Arkwright, largely within the Oil & Gas industry. Ms. Wulff holds a Master of Science in Business and Economics from BI Norwegian Business School.