From industrial transformation to energy transition. We aim to be the preferred partner for our customers towards a transition to a sustainable future.


Established in December 2019 by HitecVision, a Norwegian private equity investor, Moreld is the result of nearly 15 years of investing in, refining, and growing over 20 standalone companies, many of which are niche players, into market leaders within their respective sectors. Today, Moreld offers comprehensive services to the offshore energy, renewable, marine, aquaculture, and onshore markets.

Born in Norway, expanding internationally

Most of the companies that make up Moreld were founded on the Norwegian Continental Shelf and continue to have strong roots in the region, while at the same time expanding the operations globally.

Moreld has approximately 3,000 employees across the globe and is located in 19 countries including Norway, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, China, France, Germany, Poland, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Qatar, the UAE, Indonesia, and Malaysia, giving us access to every major offshore market in the world.

Commercial & Operational

Moreld is a competitive end-to-end services provider across the entire energy sector value chain and will continue to nurture a close relationship with clients in the sector. Simultaneously, the group will further develop relationships with key international players in the emerging sustainable offshore services industry.

Moreld’s consolidation will allow commercial and operational synergies to take place across the group companies by playing on each of their unique resources and competencies to increase the speed at which Moreld enters new markets and develops its offering. At the same time, the group will share common, predetermined ambitions to launch Moreld into a new era of offshore services, where the group aims to become a global industry leader.


The name Moreld is Norwegian in origin, and is a word used to describe a bioluminescent phenomenon that takes place in the ocean. The name highlights the significance of the ocean-related know-how that many of Moreld’s companies currently possess and will continue to expand upon going forward.

Moreld is owned by HitecVision, a leading private equity investor that has been active in the North Sea region’s energy industry for more than three decades. As North Sea specialists, HitecVision invests across the spectrum of companies in this large industry province, including natural gas and oil producers, energy infrastructure owners and providers of specialist services such as financing or logistics.

HitecVision and Moreld will work closely together over the coming years to build a company founded on creating a long-lasting, sustainable impact in the offshore service sector, whilst at the same time supporting businesses that are critical to today’s existing oil & gas industry.


Industrial – Sustainable – Customer focused – Profitable


We will be the preferred partner for our customers in the transition towards a sustainable future.