btwn is a Moreld subsidiary that delivers digital products and services. The company builds on more than 20 years of research & development from Apply’s System Technology division. The team has deep competence within the automation and control system fields and will expand in-house software development competency to build a solid market foundation. btwn aims to operate in all Moreld market segments and will provide services on both a stand-alone basis and as a complementary business to other Moreld companies.

btwn ’s opportunity space is where disruptive development replaces manual transactions in daily operations. As a starting point btwn will revitalize products and solutions that have previously been developed by Moreld companies by introducing autonomy and identify new use cases across Moreld’s market segments. btwn will function as Moreld’s digital spearhead and the team will be leveraged to optimize digitalization initiatives in Moreld and to develop digital solutions for external customers.

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