Moreld Aqua is a pure play service, product and technology provider for the Aquaculture Industry with focus on new technology for sustainable solutions.

Moreld Aqua is a company within the Moreld group which is established to further develop and offer Moreld’s in-house capabilities and products to the aquaculture industry.


GM Aqua Design: Innovative and flexible modular solution for fish farming in exposed areas. The design, with patented solutions developed by Global Maritime, allows the industry to reach new production areas not currently available by use of existing technology.

SCADA+ ™ (Aqua): An independent solution for operation and follow up of the entire value chain of aquaculture. Provides dashboards and easy access to big data with seamless integration for decision support and visualization. Developed for optimized production and maximum quality with sustainable focus.

RAS Technology: Aluminium tanks with RAS technology providing prefabricated units delivered fully assembled to the construction site. This allows for efficient production and parallel construction activities together with easier operation and maintenance. The unit comes with groundbreaking new RAS technology on water treatment and monitoring.

Hybrid Battery Solutions: Container-based or integrated solution with cost efficient battery modules connected and controlled by Moreld’s Energy Management System based on SCADA+ technology allowing fish farmers to remotely monitor fuel consumption and optimize their operations for reduced carbon footprint.

Consultancy and Engineering


SVP: Helge.hydle[at]

VP Technology: arne.vagle[at]